spaming mails


we are receving more spam mails with my same domain name.

ex- my domain name is
and spam domain-

i am very suprise and now i want to block this type mails please let me know how to block .

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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is standard spammers technique, very common. If you have not seen that kind of spam before then you are very fortunate.
Do you have any antispam software in place at the moment? If not then you will need to look at getting some. If you do then it should be blocking that type of spam. Ensure that you haven't whitelisted your own domain.

While Forefront is a very good product, it is not suitable for everyone. If you need to purchase some antispam software then you need to evaluate different products. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for antispam. Some will get on well with the built in IMF that is supplied with Exchange 2007, others will need to use a third party application or service.

Dear Nesarmatrix;
Install forefront for Exchange it will be very helpful. also check the following links:
Also it's mainly related to your AntiSpam. you need to install it and do some configuration as mentioned in the above links
to install the Ant-spam agents on stand alone Exchange 2007 server follow

Managing Anti-Spam and Antivirus Features 

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