Preferred technology/framework to stream textual data to the browser?

we have some administrational webapp for a live chat system, and need to monitor the chat messages in realtime, amongst other events.

the events are stored in a mysql database.

what would be the best technology to handle a lot of frequent (near-realtime - every second) updates to the browser?

e.g. is there a way to use flex to stream textual data without LiveCycle Data Services (because it seems rather expensive and overpowered for this limited use case)  - what about BlazeDS?

(note: see my other question for info on the current AJAX implementation and its problems)

limitations: must work on linux/apache/PHP/java (no microsoft)
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Jones911Connect With a Mentor Commented:
JavaFX is a replacement for Flex as the UI.  I would not go with JavaFX from what I have seen its harder to code and slower.  Also JMS is part of Blaze see this link for some more information:  

Basically we are using Coldfusion for all our backend Flex communication.

You can use Coldfusion and BlazeDS or Java and BlazeDS to get real time chat applications.  BlazeDS is free and if you have java coders is a good option.  This can also be accomplished with Coldfusion alone if you have Coldfusion server.  Coldfusion and java will run fine on linux.
thomers1Author Commented:
thx Jones911 - it seems BlazeDS does not support Publish and Subscribe messaging via RTMP, but only using 2 HTTP connections (one for each direction). do you see this as a major drawback?

in general - what other options are there, with emphasis on data binding?

what about JavaFX?

or even JMS with a Java Swing GUI, bundled as a java web start app?

thomers1Author Commented:
thx :-)
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