What is the difference between those delegate parameters?


what is the difference between those 2 parameter:

both parameter give the the class object to work with its fields. What do you think?
public delegate bool IsNewSummaryDelegate(Action<Summary> summary);
public delegate bool IsNewSummaryDelegate(Summary sumamry);

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Anurag AgarwalPython DeveloperCommented:
Can you please give the defination of "Action", As it seems to be a user defined class object.

Anurag AgarwalPython DeveloperCommented:
Apologies for the first reply.. I replied in hurry..

The first method accepts a argument Action which means - It is accepting a method that takes single parameter of Type Summary.

The second method is accepting a Summary type object.

For more information visit the following link



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MSFanboyAuthor Commented:
damn i was lazy could have browsed for myself :P
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