Business Continuity Plan for Payroll Services Company

We are looking for a document to assist with developing a BCP for a specific business model - Payroll Processing Services company.  Risk assessments and mitigation procedures are specific to this industry.  

There are many templates for developing these plans, but we are hoping NOT to repeat the risk assessment process if this has already been done.  

I have checked SANS and ITWorld and other sources for ideas but did not find anything specific to payroll processing companies.  Obviously I could have overlooked content in these sources.

Thanks in advance!
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Mark WillsConnect With a Mentor Topic AdvisorCommented:
You might like to check what other payroll systems have to say about it e.g.  and,6266,15757-69435,00.html

and then there are research sites like :
I'm not sure whether you'll have much luck finding a BCP specific to your business model, imho I dont think it works like that. Each BCP for every business, be it in the same genre or not should be different to take into account all the variables specific to your situation.

ITIL provide a worldwide best practice for such things, you might want to investigate ITIL more.
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