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I moved a domain user's My Documents folder to his home drive on a Windows Server 2003. As a result My Documents was automatically added to Offline Files.

Offline files is set to sync at log off. One of the user's data files is several hundred MBs. It takes maybe 30 seconds to sync. I noticed that if that data file is open, then closed and the user logs off right after closing the file, an error is generated that the file is in use on the file server. A little investigation revealed that this is because the data file is updating after the user closes it on his workstation. If he closes the data file, waits long enough for it to update on the file server, then logs off, the error does not occur.

So it appears the file is syncing in real time. I thought Offline files stored a copy of the file locally, then synced to the remote location at log on / log off. I attempted to remove the file from Offline Files to let it be used from the remote folder, but that option is grayed out even though the user is an Administrator on the local machine.

So I have 2 questions: How can I get Offline Files to only update files at log off, instead of in real time when the server is available? Failing that, how do I remove the file from Offline Files?

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rjwesleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a GPO setting to sync at Logging On and  Off --computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > Offline Files

These are the settings I use under a Laptop OU

allow or disallow use of the offlie files features - Enable
Synchronize .. when logging on - Enable
Syncrhonize .. when logging off - Enable
Administratively assigned offline files - Enable - (\\servername\sharename\%username%)

you should also be using folder redirection - you didn't mentioned that you were. At least for the My Documents folder -> Setting Basic - Redirect everyone's folder.... Target Folder location -> Redirect to the users' home directory


If problems still occur I usually find recreating profiles sometimes helps
westoneAuthor Commented:
The GPO settings for Offline Files are already set as you indicated. I mentioned that the user's My Documents folder is set to his home folder on the server. Isn't that folder redirection? If not, how is redirection different from having My Docs pointing to the home folder on the server, and added to Offline Files?

The crux of the issue is that Offline Files seems to be updating to the server in real time when the server is available. That is really what I am looking to address.

Thanks for the response.
westoneAuthor Commented:
Okay I did some reading on Offline files and Redirection. I think I might try redirection only and turn off Offline Files and see how that performs.
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