How to Stop Mail going in Spam?


Very often we got requirements where we need to send bulk mail to our customers like newsletter or promotion etc.

We are not using any readymade script for this we have just written simple php script which send mail using php mail function.

How we can make sure the email which we are sending will not go in spam folder - what is the proper headers needs to send in php script ?

Many Thanks !!!

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Try not using any key words in the subjects or body of the email which are typically used to filter SPAM

If you're advertising pills/insurance/product that is considered to be SPAM, then it will end up in the SPAM folder no matter what you do, if it's legitimate advertising, you might get around it.

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If  anyone complains about your domain name and it gets listed on a black hole list, then there's next to nothing you can do to send the emails. One solution might be to look at well managed list servers, like Constant Contact (not a recommendation for then specifically), but they police their users and ban spammers.

Other than that. Make sure your mail server is properly configured with reverse dns look up. Send individual addressed emails (no BCC). Allow an easy link that will prevent future email to that user. (ie. don't just provide a link to the users account where they need a password to unsubscribe, provide a link with unique key tied to the users account that will take the directly to an unsubscribe page)
121docAuthor Commented:
I understand this...but let say is there any online tool available by which we can check the mail which we going to send it will go in spam or not?

Like some spam rating and show suggestion how we can improve quality of mail?

Thanks !!!
I would suggest to set up your own local mail server with some appropriate tools (like spamassassin and some advanced rules like <- do use it)
Then you test your sent -emails, you'll know which part of your forged e-mail is making points in spamassassin.

- Typical points will be earned because of incomplete headers, you need a lot more than from,to,subject,body :)
- inline pictures contaning a low color/pixelrate will give extra points, too, you can use the ImageInfo perl module in rulesemporium/spamassassin to check this, too

You have a FAD at spamassassin, called "How can I avoid our newsletters being marked as spam?:" I think you'll like it :)
then :

(spamassassin gives some tools for mass checks, check this on spamassassin's wiki)


I hope it helps
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