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We are maintaining many IT environments and we need to keep very much different passwords in mind. At the moment we have saved these passwords as text but this is not very secure solution. We need to keep these passwords in online (of course they are behind autentication and passwords) because here is many people and all of us need them. But should be some easy way to protect and same time use them. So does some have a good idea how to handle these passwords in secure way?
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jsbhatiaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What I use for this same thing is a combination of 2 things

1., creates a secure encrypted container(file for storing all your passwords.

2. Share the file over internet using dropbox, Creates a shared folder that you can use to share files across computers and are updated as soon as the files are changed
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Import all of the passwords from the text document to a Excel spreadsheet then password protect the spreadsheet itself. Once you have done this if you need to access it online if you have an FTP site you could lock down a folder structure for admins only and put the Excel file in there.

This way you have 2 different levels of security.

Hope this helps.
An alternative is to decide on a "universal password formula" and apply that instead. That way you get unique passwords to sites, and any of your partners know it. They also don't need access to a computer to get the password either. Your techs just need to memorize a formula. Don't write the formula down.

For example, lets say "Joes Kites" contracts you out this year for whatever. You have your own formula that is:
password=first 4 letters of company name backwards + year became client + "adMIN!"
so Joes Kites would be: seoj2009adMIN!
Pacific Welding would be: icap2009adMIN!

Just adjust the password formula to get the complexity you want.
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