Queue disappearing in Exchange?

Need some help with Exchange 2007 queue disappearing and receiving email problem.

Windows Server 2003 Standard x64
Exchange 2007

Users can send email to external addresses, but cannot receive them.  If the Server is rebooted, users can receive external email and get the emails that were sent to them when the problem is occurring (exchange is spooling them somehow).  After a period of time (maybe 30 minutes or more) users can't get external email again.

Not too familiar with Exchange 2007 yet.  Nothing stood out in the Windows event logs.

I did notice that one of the Queues disappears from the Queue Viewer.  The Queues are as follows:
servername.domain.local    Mapidelivery
Submission    Undefined

When the problem is occurring, the servername.domain.local queue is missing.  When we reboot the Server, it returns and email works normally for at least 30 minutes.

Any ideas?
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What type of firewall are you using? I had a simliar problem with proxy settings in a watchguard product.

Just a suggestion - the following article helped me immensely... may want to look for mailflow articles on their site as well.


TheGeeksCentralCAAuthor Commented:
This is for a small office.  The Router is a basic Linksys home router.  Forwarded ports are:  25, 80, 3389 and 110.

There are no computers joined to the domain.  They are using POP for Outlook and OWA for the web.

I ran the Exchange Troubleshooting assistant, and under the Mail Acceptance it gave the error of "Mail submission failed: Error message: Server does not support secure connections"

Under the Windows Event Viewer, nothing looks strange in the System events.  Under the Application events, it is getting an MSExchangeTransport error of ID 12014 "Microsoft Exchange couldn't find a certificate that contains the domain name" etc.

Not sure if it is related or not.
Under Exchange System Console: Go to "Server Configuration"\Hub Transport
Double click on "Default %servername%" uncheck "Transport laer security" and "Offer Basic authentication only after starting tls"  Make sure under the "Permission Groups" you check "Anonymous users"

The certificate shouldn't cause mail delivery.  But you can recreate a self-sign certificate:  Here's how to fix it: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555855
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TheGeeksCentralCAAuthor Commented:

I believe I found the problem.  I had missed this error in the event log:

MSExchangeTransport EVENT ID 15006:

The Microsoft Exchange Transport service is rejecting message submissions because the available disk space has dropped below the configured threshold.

Resource utilization of the following resources exceed the normal level:
Queue database logging disk space ("C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TransportRoles\data\Queue\") = 96% [Medium] [Normal=94% Medium=96% High=98%]

Back pressure caused the following components to be disabled:
Inbound mail submission from the Internet
Mail submission from the Pickup directory
Mail submission from the Replay directory

I checked the disk space and C: had 1.19 GB free space and D: had 11 GB free space.

I moved the page file from C: to D: and rebooted.  Hopefully this fixes the issue.

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Good going ;-)
I would probably move Move your Database path to that D drive as well...

TheGeeksCentralCAAuthor Commented:
Looks like this Server has never had a backup before...

Store files are on D:\Exchange.  Mail database size is 1.2 GB but the Exchange Folder size is 28 GB with all those log files in there.

Transaction Log files are in C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\Second Storage Group size is 6.1 GB with all the log files in there.

This Server has been in use for about a year.  I don't think they will purchase a backup solution.  Email is all this Server does.

Since all the users POP their email, can I safely delete most of the logs?  If so, what is the best way to do that?
It's been said to safely remove those exchange logs files properly and without potentially causing problems, it may be safer to do an exchange aware backup. I would use windows backup.

I'm sure people have deleted those logs files without problems but it is something I wouldn't do personally.

I would enable circular logs, since there's no backup in place:

here's a great article on circular log:

how to enable/disable

I would only really recommend this, since there's no backup solution.
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