Nvidea 7600gt vs 9800gt

Currently I have a 256MB gigabyte 7600gt video card running on my new AMD quad system.  I do not play a large number of games but I do an extensive amt of multimedia production/editing.   My question is a relatively simple one I expect but I  am asking anyway.

Will I see enough of a performance increase in my mutimedia production/editing going from a 7600gt  to a   512MB  9800gt ?
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When you say mutimedia production/editing, I assume you mean that you are mostly working with video and other types of similar material, using programs like Adobe Premiere, Avid, or Hollywood Video (the program, not the movie rental store).  If that is the case, then no, you will not see any difference whatsoever by upgrading your video card.  The type of work you do relies on 2D performance and does not make use of the 3D graphics capabilities of modern video cards.

If you need a boost in 2D performance, I would take a look at ATI's FireMV (not to be confused with ForeGL) cards.  They are specifically designed for 2D applications and have no 3D accelleration at all.

However, if you are using programs like LightWave, 3Ds Max, Maya, or something similar in your work, then yes, 3D modeling does make use of 3D graphics capability, and you may see an improvement depending on the work you do.

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4ubestAuthor Commented:
Also much Camtasia  work is being done with both video and audio..  
A 9800GT will only benefit 3D games; video editing and encoding is more dependent on your cpu, and you have a quad core, which will help.  The same applies for audio encoding.  For the best performance, an i7 system would be the choice, but a Phenom II X4 would work.
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