Using External Voice Mail with SIP Trunk

Hello all,

I would like to know if somebody knows if it's possible to use an External Voice Mail while using a SIP Trunk.

I Have a IP-PBX connected to the provider trough a SIP Trunk and i would like to use the provider's voice mail since my IP-PBX doesn't have internal Voice Mail.
But in this scenario was told me that i couldn't use the provider's Voice Mail because this is a SIP Trunk and the IP-PBX its not a B2B.

Any Comments or help?
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syedasimmeesaqConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it actually depends on your voip provider. Usually they give u one of the two choices, either use your pbx or use theirs. the only way possible of doing this that i can think of is if the voip provider makes an extension for u on their pbx and then you can send the call there
Let's call the provider and ask them the following question:

"I'm using a standard SIP phone. I'd like to know, once I take a call and start talking with the caller, how do I transfer the call to my voicemail on your system ?"

If they give you a way to do it, we'll simply have to mimic this with the asterisk PBX ! :-)
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