MCV vs N tiers

Hi there,
Can someone explain me (if possible with examples) the difference between an MVC architecture and a N-tier architecture?
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johnaryanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The main focus on the MCV is to make separation of the data, business components and UI easier, so that if you need to change the look and feel, you'll run no risk of interfering with the data layer or business layer. You might say "that's what n-tier" provides, but it's not, a lot of apps claim to be n-tier designed but almost always have business logic in an aspx or its associated .cs file.

MCV and it's wizards aim to direct the user as to where they should put their various code files to maintain a descent level of separation....
karakavAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the links. I already knew the theories that I just read. What I need to know is without invoving hardware issues and scalability across multiples servers, what is the difference between an MVC web application and a Ntier Web application that will be deployed on a single server which will host the database as well?
karakavAuthor Commented:
Thanks and sorry for the delay.
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