Webpage to allow Admins to create AD Account, groups, etc.

I am working with a new customer to streamline their IT processes. They would like to have their HR department fill out a web form that will in turn (once approved by IT) create an AD user, setup groups, login scripts, etc. At this point, I guess I am looking more for direction then actual technical advice, but anything is greatly appreciated. They create / edit / delete about 20 users a week and it is a headache since currently HR fills out an Excel based form - never completely, then emails it to IT for setup - which takes a good amount of time. We use Kaseya, so a good amount of it can be scripted.
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yea, but you really wouldn't want HR to input and modify their own records do you?

you could message this guy to test his project:

But if you are after something tested:


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hwgtechAuthor Commented:
We only want HR to request the change by inputting data. The final "approval" will come from IT before the scripts run and do the work. Thanks for the info so far.
self serve - I love it..

If you get to test the first one, I'd appreciate any feedback...
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