Insert Pictures on a Web Page with MS Office Sharepoint Designer

I'm not an expert on Web page design but after I hire somebody that pretend to be an expert and create a web page with a background of 4 megs and a flash of 3 megs then I decide to use my own basic skills to design it myself. I got almost everything looking fine except I have a problem that I could never figure out how to solve it. When I insert a picture I want to be able to move it anywhere were on the page just by dragging with the mouse. If I go to Insert Picture it will stay at the location where I had my cursor or I can go up and down by pressing enter but I can't drag and drop where I want it. If I insert a layer first and then the picture inside the layer then it does what I want but it look bad on Firefox or other browsers.
What will be the best way to have it done so it shows fine on any browser?
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David BruggeCommented:
Are you saying that when building your web page, you want the picture to stay where you position it on the screen, or are you saying that you want the visitor to your web page to be able to move the picture around?
InfedoAuthor Commented:
When you insert a picture with Frontpage you go to insert picture.
Now if you insert the picture on a specific location like begining of a new line it will stay there but if you want to drag that picture and I'm talking inside the fronpage to place it to a diferent location it does not work. The way to do this is to first insert a layer then insert a picture inside the layer then you can mouve and place that layer were you want it in the page. Problem is that the layer will not show at the location you place it when you view the page on firefox.
David BruggeCommented:
I'm sorry but I have never worked with Frontpage, so I don't know how it is writing the html code that tells Firefox (and all of the other browsers) how to display the page.

In the old days, you didn't have control over where a picture was on a page. You just said "Show this image" and it would be on a line by itself, lined up on the left hand side of the screen.

Then people figured out that they could create a table and put transparent .gif images in them to make the image move down and away from the edge of the screen.

Nowadays, people use CSS and layers and give it absolute positioning. That is to say, they position the layer ( or div) so many pixels down and so many pixels to the right and then place the image in the layer.

It seems that Frontpage will let you move the layer around on the screen, and probably assign the absolute coordinates from where you moved it, but for some reason, the code that it writes does not agree with Firefox.

I don't know of any way that I can help you solve this since you don't write code. Also, because the question is more than a few days old, it is unlikely any Frontpage expert will come across this question.

I suggest that you accept your own comment as the accepted answer. That will close this question and refund your points. Then go the the Frontpage zone ( Internet > Web Development > Web > FrontPage, and post your quesion again. This time, say that you want to position your image on the page and have it show correctly in many browsers.

I'm sure that someone will come up with the answer for you right away.

Best of luck.

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