Best 2D Graphic Library for Delphi?

I'm a seasoned Delphi developer that is looking to rewrite an old DOS project in Delphi.  The project was a simple card game and used a old graphics library (gxGraphics?) for DOS.  I've only written a few games (most of my experience is in business application development).

This rewrite will target Windows, of course, so I am looking for a good 2D library to use with Delphi 2007.  My application uses very little animation, with the exception of a simple card movement.  

I have a library of .PNG images with alpha channels, i.e. partial transparency.  (I do not mean simple transparent colors).  I would like a library that would allow me to:
1) Overlay multiple PNG images onto each other.
2) Provide rotation and scaling (Most of the scalling could be done at startup)
3) Support HD resolution 1920x1080
4) Take advantage of any hardware acceleration available
5) Overlay anti-aliased text
6) Antialising on image rotation???

I have looked at DelphiX and AggPas, but I can't get the PNG alpha to work.
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You should have a look att Graphics32 as well then... I don't know if it is the best engine, but I've seen it mentioned from time to time, and it seems to be a well used graphics library for Delphi applications.


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MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
Graphics32 is a very good library, it does not support any hardware acceleration for animations though.
roknjohnAuthor Commented:
I've downloaded Graphics32.  It does look fairly complete.  Thank you both.  

I'll leave this open for a few days in case any other suggestions come up.  
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