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CRM 4.0 mail to crm is solved

When i receive a mail in my outlook and i send this mail to the crm then it gets the status in crm "solved" can this be changed to "open" in default?
Rik Van Lier
Rik Van Lier
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This can not be done.

Rik Van LierOwner Abicom.pro bvbaAuthor Commented:
then what i have to do to make an open case from a mail i receive?
Hi vobicom,

Just to clarify: When you track an email, it comes in as closed because the activity has been "completed" already - that's why it is not possible to bring it in as open.

To answer your second question, you have a number of options:

(1) You can train your users to find/open the email in CRM (they can do this by clicking the "View in CRM" button after they track the email), click the "Convert Activity" button and select "To Case".  This will open a dialog box that lets them associate the case with a Customer and give it a Subject.  They can then open the Case and make edits as appropriate.

(2) You could train your users to click "Set Regarding" (rather than Track in CRM), select Case from the picklist, and then click the New button.  They could then fill out the case details and save the case.  At this point, they are returned to the Set Regarding dialog box with the newly created case automatically selected for tracking.

(3) You could create a Queue in CRM and associate it with an email address (i.e. service@yourdomain.com).  All emails sent to this address will automatically be visible in this queue.  The queue can then be used to monitor and create new cases.

(4) If email service requests are coming in as a result of a web form, you could automatically create a case when the web form is submitted.

(5) You could install the eService Accelerator (free from Microsoft).  Similar to #4, but also provides online case management and a knowledgebase.

NOTE: #4 and #5 both require pretty good knowledge of the SDK.

Hope one of the above is helpful to you.
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Rik Van LierOwner Abicom.pro bvbaAuthor Commented:
aah ok and where can i create this queue in crm?
That's a pretty big question.  The best thing to do is to probably consult the documentation.  But, in general:

(1) Create the queue by going to Settings | Business Management | Queues

(2) Your Queue should relate to a specific email address (i.e. support@yourdomain.com)

(3) You are going to need to make sure that email integration is setup properly to handle the queue routing - so that all emails will find their way to the appropriate queue.  A couple of helpful starting points:

(4) You would then create a workflow against this queue to monitor and create a case for all emails that come into the queue automatically.
Rik Van LierOwner Abicom.pro bvbaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help! Much appreciated
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