How to Restore Centos 5.3 From Windows 2003 Arcserve Agent Backup

We have Arcserve V12 running on windows 2003 standard.

We have a Linux Agent Backing up our complete web server which is running Centos 5.3.

I want to test a full restore, what do you propose I do to mimic a Hard drive Failure?

I have a second hard drive here ready for testing.

Do I have to install Centos on the new drive, then the agent, then do the restore?
or can I get away with using Knoppix or a smaller distro?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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itprotocallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the normal method would be to "install Centos on the new drive, then the agent, then do the restore"

unless you are using the arcserve DR option, which automates all this...

Firstly Cento OS is not certified to work with arcserve according to their compatibility matrix.

Firstly i would like to know are u able to install the agent using the install script. I believe that you must have installed the agent by just installing the rpm packages.

Disaster recovery for Linux servers is only supported with Arcserve backup for Linux although you need to use the operating system certified with arcserve.

What you can do is you can backup the Cent OS complete server and then you can restore the same on any other linux server having more disk space.

You comments are appreciated.
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