The best mail server for Debian server

I have some info in installing and managing some of Debian Lenny server application, like Apache and Proftpd. I have a dedicated server running Debian Lenny 5.0 that host Apache2 and Proftpd, now I would like to install mail server to receive emails through POP3s and send emails through secure SMTP.

What is the best (easy to configure and more reliable) MTA that can be installed on Debian as a Package?

Thank you in advance
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I've been using postfix for a while. Quite easy, well-documented - but you'll have to read the doc someday (when creating virtual user for example). You have pre-configured schemes, available at install time on Debian (relay, smarthost...)

For POP3 (I suggest IMAP by the way, it's way better), I use courier-imap.
You might use courier-pop as well, or courier-pop-ssl

Just be sure to know what you're planning to do with authentification ? LDAP ? local accounts ? to be sure it's easy enough with the software you'll choose

I hope it helps

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It all kind of depends on what you want to do with it and how complicated things will be. As mchkorg pointed out, IMAP is the way to go. I would recommend Dovecot, as it supports both POP3 and IMAP and does a good job at both. As your MTA, Postfix is probably one of the best written and documented MTAs out there. You definitely need to read the documentation, though, as like any MTA it is quite complex. I've never used it myself, but I hear that Exim is a lot easier to set up and might be better geared towards just setting up a simple MTA that does SMTPS. Also, I think it is installed as the default MTA on Debian.

So my recommendation would be Dovecot+Exim. If you indeed want it to be quite scalable, you should probably use OpenLDAP as a backend to store user information in. It complicates things a little, but there is a bit of documentation out there on the web.
MoodynetAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all,

Doesn't Postfix process POP3? Is Postfix (or MTA in general) only send emails and don't receive emails?!!!
I don't know what to plan for authentication! Whether its LDAP or else. What do you suggest for Postfix?

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Postfix is just for sending mail. It also receives mail, but needs a place to deliver it. The default being to the local filesystem /var/mail. You need a POP3 (or IMAP) server to connect to in order to receive your mail. For authentication, LDAP is useful if you have a lot of users and don't want to create local user accounts for each one on the Server. It all depends on how simple or complex you want to make it... Debian makes it pretty easy to configure Postfix (or Exim). It runs you through some ncurses based menus to make things easier when you install the MTA. If it is already installed, you can issue dpkg-reconfigure postfix (or dpkg-reconfigure exim4) to have it guide you through.

qmail + devcot
sorry, not devcot but dovecot!!
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