How do I encrypt passwords in batch files?

I have a Windows batch file that has passwords in it such as FTP or Shared Network access. I do not want to leave these batch command files laying around with the passwords in clear text. Is there a way to encrypt the passwords within them? Any help or guidence would be greatly appreciated!
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Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Simple answer: No.
You can set permissions on the file such that only the account used by the scheduler/user who the files are for can access them. That way you don't care that the password is there in plain text as only the authorised person/service can access it.
You could consider using IPSec/ISA/Firewall to only allow connections between the client and server, so then even if somebody does know the password they still can't log on unless they're on the right client.

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Hi, if you need the script(s) to run unattended, then as robincm said, there's not a really good way to secure a password when it's stored in a script (at least, not with a high level of security). If you don't need the script to run unattended and don't mind entering the password, you can modify your script(s) to prompt for a password. If you would like further information on how to prompt for a password in a script, let me know. Bill.
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