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Hi guys,
I have a client looking into using scanners to scan inventory. they have database with all items identified by a unique id. I was wondering if anyone has worked with scanners and can explain to me how they work. how are the labels printed and how would they scanner associate the bar code with the item's ID.

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SammyAuthor Commented:
I have seen this link prior to posting here and it does not answer my question.
I need to know about uploading the data to the scanner and associating the my item's ID from the db with the scanner.
can all scanners scan using fonts like 9 of 3 code?
This might be of some help.

It uses .NET Compact Framework.
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There are many ways of resolving this problem.

One suggestion I have is to consider using Code 3 of 9 codes and encode the barcode with the item id themselves. This way the code returned from the scanner is actually the item id itself.

For example: Item Id is XYZ1234. Create a barcode label using Code 3 of 9 for XYZ1234
When barcode is scanned, scanner returns XYZ1234. Although this method has some limitations it save you the complexity of having to store a database on your scanner device holding the mapping between item nos and barcode ids.

My client uses thiis method quite successfully for barcode labelling of stock locations, part nos etc. Client uses Motorola MC70/MC75 Windows Mobile devices.
SammyAuthor Commented:
my only concern was finding a scanner which can read the 3 to 9 barcodes? is this the norm where all scanners can read this barcode or should I look for something specific?

There are large number of barcode scanners available in the markeptlace. The vast majority of these should be able to read Code 3 of 9 barcodes withoit any problems.


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SammyAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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