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Cisco 1811w wireless question

I want to set up an 1811 to offer two ssid's, one for public access to the internet and one for private access to the internet and the internal network.  

I'm at a basic brain lock figuring the best way to do this.  I'm not sure how to create the public ssid with access only to the internet.  I'm also in a brain lock on how to assign dhcp to these wireless users.
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I dont thik the device you have is capable of doing what you want, but a quick and dirty optoin would be to purchase a soho wireless router (wrtg54g) for about $55 and set it behind your LAN

This is not best case scenario, but if you are on a shoe string budget it will work.

INTERNET   ----WAN    CISCO 1181  Company Network     LAN -----     ------ WAN     WRT54G    ----- LAN  Public guests

I would not use this in a medium security or higher environment, as the guest LAN does transverse the business LAN.

If you want a more secure environment, I would purchase a router that supports VLANs/DMZ and put your public network on its own VLAN.

Hope that helps.

 ssid SSID1
    authentication open
 ssid SSID2
    authentication open

If they are going to be on multiple VLANs you may want to use dot1x subifs.
ibtayaAuthor Commented:
You are correct, I needed a layer 3 port to host multiple vlan id's.
For general information to people like me who often look on old post to get what they are looking for, I need to add a quick comment on this solution.

Setting up 2 SSID with a 1811W and 2 Vlan is possible, take a look at this documentation:


And it will make it.

Placing a router inside your LAN to broadcast a Guest SSID is not really a good Idea and using a 50$ Router in a Business environnement when you have a Cisco 1811 is like driving a Civic everyday when you own a Ferrari....

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