Dell PowerEdge 1600SC Replacement Hard Drive

We use a Dell PowerEdge 1600SC running Win Server 2003 as a domain controller for a small network.  We have three Seagate Cheetah ST318453LW hard drives in a RAID 5 config (not hot-swapable).  Last night, one of the drives failed and is making sounds that hard drives shouldn't make.

Do I have to match the exact specs on a replacement?  What options do I have?  The basic specs on the drive are Seagate 18 GB, 15K rpm, 68 pin SCSI Ultra320 68 pin, 8 MB Cache.  Looking at Newegg, there only seems to be Fujitsu replacement drives that match these specs.

This is the link to the drives currently in service.

Other related hardware in the server is:
Assembly, Cable, SCSI (SMALL COMPUTER SYSTEMS INTERFACE)..., 68P, 4Drop, 37inch
Card, Controller, PowerEdge Expandable Raid Controller Number 4-Single Channel, U320...
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
The drive does not NEED to match the specs - however, getting a lesser drive will result in the RAID performance degrading to the level of the slowest drive.  The only CRITICAL requirement is to get a drive AT LEAST as big.  Keep in mind, drives of the same supposed size can vary slightly - if you get a drive that is smaller, even by a few bytes, it won't work in your array.  A larger drive will work fine.
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