use File::Find::Node

I have to use the perl module File::Find::Node in a script which have to do the code in attach

find /files  -type f -mtime +10 | grep -v "/storico/" | grep -v "error" | grep -v "body_email" | grep -v "/in/" | grep -v "/out/" | grep -v "/appoggio/" | grep -v "/responsi_doppi/" | grep -v .sh$| grep -v .pl$

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Todd MummertConnect With a Mentor Commented:

first the grep on the end is illegal, since grep has to take an argument...    I don't know what you want there, so I'll ignore it in the script below.

Also, why is using File::Find::Node a requirement?     Well, in any case, it works like this:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use File::Find::Node;
my $dir = '/files';     # path for find
my $mtime = 10;         # find file before N days ago
my $now = time;
# this isn't strictly correct, since find removes fractional days
my $cutoff = $now-$mtime*24*60*60;
my $f = File::Find::Node->new($dir);
sub proc {
    my $f = shift;
    return if $f->type ne "f";
    return if $f->path =~ m,/storico/|error,;
    return unless $f->mtime < $cutoff;
    print $f->path."\n";

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use File::Find::Node;
sub found {
    my $node = shift;
    print $node->path . "\n";
my $f = File::Find::Node->new('/files');
  sub {
  grep {
        -f $_ 
    and -M _ > 10
    and !m|/storico/|
    and !/error/
    and !/body_email/
    and !m|/in/|
    and !m|/out/|
    and !m|/appoggio/|
    and !m|/responsi_dopi/|
    and !/\.sh$/
    and !/\.pl$/}

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Todd MummertCommented:
sorry..that was my browser not giving me scroll bars

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blattamaxAuthor Commented:
this is the find command
find /files  -type f -mtime +10 | grep -v "/storico/" | grep -v "error" | grep -v "body_email" | grep -v "/in/" | grep -v "/out/" | grep -v "/appoggio/" | grep -v "/responsi_doppi/" | grep -v .sh$| grep -v .pl$
The code I posted handles the find and all of the grep parts.  It will run faster than the code without the filter (which filters the results), because directories that are filtered out will not be searched.  The results are printed to the screen.  If you'd like the results somewhere else, let me know.
blattamaxAuthor Commented:
thank u Adam , if i'd have to remove the results?
>> if i'd have to remove the results?
Meaning, you want to delete the files?  If so, you can update the found subroutine to delete the files.
sub found {
    my $node = shift;
    my $p=$node->path;
    print "$p\n";   #Remove this line if you don't want to print the names of files
    unlink($p) or warn "Could not remove '$p': $!\n";

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