How do I adjust users start menu in Terminal Services

Hi all.  I have inherited a terminal server where users log in and get a desktop.  The desktop is very secure in that there is only a start button > Programs>  MSOffice Icons, Outlook Express Icon and an IE Icon.   I need to edit  this to remove access to IE etc and cant find where this is stored.  I've checked the profiles of the users on the Terminal Server and its not there.  I've also checked the GP that controls Terminal Servives and not there either.  Any Ideas Please?
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authen-techConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try the following:

or click this link

and download the word doc on the right hand side.  Both are ways to implement a lockdown of TS and may have been used.  also look for Shared User Toolkit or MS Steadystate running on the server.
PNRTAuthor Commented:
Found in a folder on the DC - thanks
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