RPC over HTTP on cluster server exchange 2003


i've a cluster MSCS exchange 2003 , all is OK on it.

i need to configure rpc over HTTP for mobile users.

I have NO front end

I read that configuring rpc/http on backend node in cluster is not recoomended,

but is it only not MS recommanded ? or is it a technical impossibility ?

Is it possible to have RPC/http on other server Windows 2003 IIS without exchange ? (to avoid buying a new exchange licence ? )

thanks in advance for help.
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For a Clustered Exchange BE we highly recommend and fully support installing RPCProxy bits on an Exchange FE in front of Cluster (so use FE as RPCProxy Server) --  thus FE/BE Topology is highly recommended for RPC/HTTP to work properly in a clustered environment ... Major benefit is managed RPC/HTTP topology (no need to configure anything manually) in FE/BE based environment after SP1 for E2K3 Server ....  Remember that installing RPCProxy component on a BE Cluster is NOT a supported deployment !!  As described above, you should either use an Exchange FE server for the RPC/HTTP Proxy bits (best and recommended) or you could use a separate server (non Exchange) to serve as RPC/HTTP Proxy - this is not recommended and administration of this will be more difficult than a FE server, i.e. you will have to set ValidPorts reg key manually (and update it manually too whenever anything on BE changes, like in a fail over scenario) Reason why installing RPCProxy component is not supported on an Exchange BE Cluster because its a nightmare scenario to make work - because Exchange on a cluster doesn't use the default web site (it uses non default http virtual servers) and that makes setting up rpcproxy very difficult (it also has a high tendency to fail).

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ingeticAuthor Commented:
thanks for answer,

I can't find any step by step ou technical  documentation to use a separate server (non Exchange) to serve as RPC/HTTP Proxy

someone has the info ?

setting ports in registry or other configuration are not a problem

my problem is that i need a complete fault tolerant solution, so if i need exchange installed on a front end server , i need at least 2 servers with exchange, so 2 exchange licence, 2 windows licence, 2 servers (virtual one or physical), ..

i belive you dont need to have RPC over HTTPS for Moble users it will be a nornal HTTPS connection as your OWA uses
how ever you need to have the Front end server for this configuration you cannot setup the Excahnge activesync withought the front end server
and as far as you RPC over HTTP is concern it is also not possible please check this article

To start with you dont need two servers. It is always good to have redundancy plan ready and in place. But to start with you can satrt using one server and over a period you can add one more in to it. Also for FE you can not have redundancy on applicaiton level. You can keep one hardware as standby so in case of failuer you can build it as FE server.
ingeticAuthor Commented:
no one has this info ?

I can't find any step by step ou technical  documentation to use a separate server (non Exchange) to serve as RPC/HTTP Proxy

please, helppppp
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