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Guys, at a few of my previous companies, we've had it so that outlook is set up automatically every time a user logs on to a computer. How is this possible when using outlook 2003 and windows 2007? also, Our UK office where i want this to happen, is an OU underneath a larger oraganisation, but i only want it effective on our UK OU. Is this at all possible?

Thanks, Gavin
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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

For Outlook 2003, you need to deploy a customised Outlook installation using the Custom Installation Wizard. I wrote an article on the procedure to do this at

If you use the Custom Installation Wizard, it will require an uninstall and reinstall of Outlook. If Outlook is already installed, you may like to consider deploying a modification using the Custom Maintenance Wizard.

Alternatively, upgrade to Outlook 2007. In an Active Directory environment (with an Exchange 2003 or 2007 Server) this can configure itself automatically. With Exchange 2007, you also have Autodiscover which can be used to configure Outlook Anywhere when away from the network.

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