Laptop for programming purpose

I am planning to buy a Dell Laptop that must satisfy my following needs:

(1) I must be able to do extensive programming work using various tools. Specially, working on Visual Studio.NET 2008 must be smooth. Apart from that any other tools that I can use but the performance must be smooth.

(2) I must be able to run Oracle/MySQL/SQL Server databases smoothly.

(3) Applications performance must be good.

(4) Must have at least three USB ports.

(5) Battery backup must be good.

Apart from these, I also want to know whether I must look business machines or home user machines. Face recognition, finger-print device like thing are useless for me. I also want to know whether a 17" screen must be chose or a 15.6".

Please help me decide a good programming machine.
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Pearl_export_benConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Studio 15 Laptop.

I am typing this message on one right now.

For under £1000 i got a dual 2.2GHz, 4GB RAM, 250HDD, 10/100/1000 Network with 54!BG Wireless.  DVDRW, 4 X USB2, multicard reader - very good laptop.

It does have a 2MP builtin webcam, but no fingerprint reader etc as its useless to me too.

Its currently running Vista Ultimate, Visual Studio 2005 Team edition, a 2003 Server Virtual PC with Exchange and SQL 2005 Standard on it for testing as well as mySQL 5 on the Vista base all flawlessly.

Can't recommend it enough.
Just to add...

This laptop works awesomely with VS 2008 as well when I tested it.  the only reason I am working with 2005 is that the company hasn't upgraded my license yet :(
Awesome.. missed another part of your question :P and i know triple posting is a no-no, but its further answer to your question - sorry mods :(

9 Cell Battery life is just under 3 hours :)

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GuitarRichConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had a Dell Inspiron 830 - that fulfilled all your requirements, 15.6" display - the most amazing battery life I've ever seen. I got 6 hours out of it once! Good fast machine.
I now have a toshiba Satellite P300-18M - which does everything I need, 17" screen is better for programming I think than the 15.6". Its got 3GB ram, 2x250GB hdd, 4xUSB with a P8400 2.27GHz centrino 2 chip. Its really good at everything, runs all my software with no problems I often have 3 or more instances of VS2008 open with no problems.
The onyl downside is the battery life. It lasts about an hour unplugged which isn't the best around - but I think about average for larger screen laptops.
Éric MoreauConnect With a Mentor Senior .Net ConsultantCommented:
as for the screen size, don't forget that the wider it is, the heavier it also is. You must consider if you carry it everyday like I do. Most of the time I plug an external monitor (19 or 22 inches) at home or at the client site so I have a large screen for VS and an OK screen for Outlook.
rpkhareAuthor Commented:
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