can't browse localy hosted sites on cisco 857

Hi all,
I have a new Cisco 857. I have configured it via Putty. All seems OK and I can browse the internet etc but I can't browse any sites I host my self, localy.
I can ping the sites and it returns the WAN IP but type the URL in the browser and page can't be displayed message.
If I add the urls (host names) to the hosts file in windows no problem but it can't get to anything I do localy.
Hope someone can help.
Please advise if you need anymore info.
Thanks Steve
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I am Me,

Do you have a DMZ configured or are you just doing Static Nat translations from outside to inside for you websites?

You stated that you can ping the ip address, are you pinging the outside address or your internal one?

More info is going to be needed as there are some technical limitations in a router.


i_am_meAuthor Commented:
Hi 3 Nerds,
No I have a WAN IP coming in, no DMZ.
Hits the router and then gets port forwarded to the webserver box on port 80 for the web server.
When I ping one of the websites, that I host, I get the WAN IP coming back. So pinging from inside I get the WAN IP.
I currently use a Linksys modem / router to do the web and email hosting on the ADSL link that I use. These units you just setup the port forwarding and it all works. It is only when I plug i the Cisco that it is an issue. Alot cheaper less complicated routers can do this but the Cisco must be able to do it but the config needed I am unsure about.
If you need anymore info just let me know
Thanks Steve
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the update. Going to make up some address here so that I can wrap the scenario up in my head.

So  you have a webserver at internal ip address and you are using port forwarding in a linksys device that points your outside address of lets say to the websever internally.

When you ping with the linksys in place you get a reply. You also get a reply when you ping with the linksys in place. You can browse the website on this server as well?

You put the Cisco router in place and you get the following results.

When you ping with the Cisco in place you get a reply, but when you ping with the cisco in place it does not work and can not browse the websites?

Sorry if this seems like I am beating a dead horse but the devil is in the details.


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i_am_meAuthor Commented:
Hi 3Nerds,
We are getting there.
Yes I have a webserver that sits at I have 1 allocated static IP that I run here on an ADSL link. Lets call that
Web server LAN IP = 192.1698.0.10
An internal site I host =
With the Linksys in place I can ping and get a reply I can also browse I can also browse and all is good. No probs.


Cisco in place
I can ping and get a reply, I can browse, but if I try to browse (or any other site I host on I get the old page can't be displayed etc.

Let me know if you would like me to paste the config from the Cisco 857.
I am making some changes to it trying different things to see if I can get it to work.

Hope that clears things up
Feel free to paste the config it can't hurt, just make sure you x out any pertinent info.

As to your setup.

First you can ping because it is the IP address of the outside interface of your router.

What is Just an internet website?

I am not sure why this works for the linksys device as I was not aware that they allowed for u-turn pathing. Also this device is using PAT. At this point I am assuming that you are using PAT in your router as well?

you should have a command something similar to this:

ip nat inside source static tcp 80 interface Ethernet1 80

The problem with this is that when you attempt to access your internal website via which resolves to it goes in you inside interface and then back out your outside interface then has come back in via PAT to the proper port and address. I am not aware of this working in a cisco router. There are ways to do dns re-writes in an ASA but it is generally simpler to change your internal DNS server to point to

The only way I can think of this possibly working would be to write some sort of nat on your inside, but I see other problems with that as well.



i_am_meAuthor Commented:
Hi all

I found the solution
I need to do split DNS.
Have a local DNS server answering for the sites I host and pointing the Cisco to a local IP. If I don't host it it won't be in the local DNS so it gets forwarded to my ISP's DNS to be resolved.
That is the only option you have with the Cisco 857.
Thanks for your help 3 Nerds :)

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Glad that you have a solution, but isn't that what I suggested you do?

change your internal DNS server to point to


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