How to use crontab to copy a dynamic (yyyymmdd) file.

Dear all,

I would like to centralize files into one file server and backup the central file server (running on OS X 10.5).

Everyday there is a database dump file "" that I need to copy to the server. Is there a UNIX command that can gegerate this filename so that I can use crontab e.g.

0    5    *    *    * cp /Volumes/bak/<YYYYMMDD> /Data/Daily-dmp-bak/

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Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
If what you want is to copy the database dump to another server you coulf use SCP. You can create a key with scp so that it wont be asking password thus it is safe t1 use in a script and wont require you to embed a user account password in it.
It is beatter to creat e a script file and later execute it trough cron:

0 5 * * *  /path/to/mvdbbackup

TRGDT=$(date -d yesterday +%Y%m%d)  
/sbin/scp -i /home/root/.ssh/identification  /Volumes/bak/$TRGDATE backuser@backupsrv:/backups/$HOSTNAME/$TRGDATE

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try with

0    5    *    *    *  /usr/bin/cp /Volumes/bak/`/usr/bin/date "+%Y%m%d"` /Data/Daily-dmp-bak/

please note the inverted commas around the date command

Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
My script assumes that your default shell is /bin/bash you might like to cahnge it to /bin/sh or ather shell of your preference.

When I am calculating I am assuming that you are moving yesterdays backup because you're running the scrip at 0:5 an there's a good change that the backup will have previous days stamp. Hence the switch to date is -d yesterday. If you want it to be today just remove the -d yesterday part.

it also assumes that your scp is installed under /sbin. To determine the correct place isue a "which scp" on your system and replace with the correct path. Cron scripts  are not executed under the default environment so it might not include each path as our interactive shell so each command must be an absolute path to ensure correct operation.
Lastly it assumes that your remote system key is placed under /home/root/.ssh/identification. Please generate it over the target system and place it under a folder on the source system and adjust the path accordingly.
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Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
I am also assuming that what you mean by  /Data/Daily-dmp-bak/ is the path is on a remote (central) server so I've preferred the scp command instead of copy. Since I've been using the date statement twice in my solution I've preferred to place it in a script rather than executing directly under the shell so that it wont be calculated twice.
Hi there,

Normally it would be seen as a cleaner solution to make the script that kicks off the database dump to also send the dump file to its final resting place.

You could add KeremE's code snippet at the end of the existing script that kicks off the db dump.

Its always better to have associated tasks handled by the same script, it leaves the system neat.

0    5    *    *    *  /usr/bin/cp /Volumes/bak/$(/usr/bin/date "+\%Y\%m\%d")/Data/Daily-dmp-bak/
Note - the above is omarfarid's solution, but with the '%' signs "escaped", which is mandatory with cron.

Thanks woolmilkporc :)

this is somrthing new to me, what is the idea behind it?
Hi omarfarid,
it's a neat feature of cron - if there is a percent sign somewhere in the command field, cron will treat everything preceeding it as the actual command invocation and will make all that follows it available to the command as standard input (STDIN).
This feature is rarely used, as far as I can see, but can be very handy!
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