Is Active Directory required for a small network of <10 computers

I have a small network of <10 computers which I'd like to manage having Windows XP Professional. The following things would be required

 1. Windows Update on all the machines from single location - through WSUS
 2. Anti Virus Updates on all the machines from a single location - Norton
 3. Sharing privileges on certain directories which the desktop user should not be able to modify
 4. Automatic Application Deployment - Good to have

I wanted to ask,
 a) Is there any advantage in having an Active Directory setup here (small network)
 b) Can WSUS run on a Non Server Windows OS?
 c) I have not been able to define privileges in a WinXP desktop the way I've seen being defined through Group Policy. For example, I've shared a directory and a user has Desktop Level Privileges, but the user can remove the share since he has write access on it. I want to prevent that.
 d) Automatic application deployment is something which is good to have, but if I can save some money by doing installation manually, I'm fine.

Thank you
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You can use your network without active directory for these number of computers. The disadvantages will be:
a) WSUS needs windows server
b) insted of group policy you have local policy and you have to set this on every computer.
c) there is no software deployment.

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technotabletAuthor Commented:
Am I correct in assuming that through WSUS all the client machines can be updated and the packages to be updated would be downloaded once on the server only and through the server disseminated to the clients? Is there any other way of doing it except WSUS?
You can use a caching proxy such as Squid.  This won't run the updates for you, but once an update is downloaded it is "held" on the proxy so any future requests for the download are pulled from the proxy rather than the www.

The downside is you don't get to approve the downloads first and you can't see what SP's have been applied to which machines....
It's such a small environment that you can get away with having everything set up in a workgroup.  AD really starts to become necessary when managing multiple servers and a large number of users.  

However, a lot of software assumes that you're in a AD environment and you would have to tweak a lot of those programs to work in a workgroup environment.  

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