EPSON Aculaser C900 driver problem

Ive installed this on the network (tcp/ip) but seem to have a problem with it,
from the admin and user i get this error when trying to open the properties -

"a communication error has occured. make sure printer power is on and check cable connetions"

after this this box goes away after hitting yes it brings up the properties and then i can print a test page. after that its hit and miss if it prints at all, sometimes i get a communication error and the job will print, the rest it wont print and i have to start messing with the driver again.

I tried different drivers including the original from the cd but cant get rid of this error, the printer is installed on the server which is running server 2000 and clients run xp.

any ideas?

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I would try setting up the printer off of a lightly used Xp box and share it.  yes this will slow down one of the pc's but it will fix it.

It looks like the 2000 share is what is causing the issue.

 then you could put in acompatiable print server to take the load off of of the pc
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