how do add a hyperlink to the parameter section of a SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services report

Expert: I have a SSRS report with 2 textboxes in the upper parameter section of my report which allows user to enter input parameters followed by clicking a View Report button. In addition to the 2 parameter input textboxes I want to add a hyperlink which will allow user to return to the application's main home page (dot net asp webpage).
I am new toSSRS and don't know if this can be done and want to know the steps how to add  the hyperlink to parameter section of the report?
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TSmoothConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For hiding the things near the top... look at all of the properties/attributes on the control starting with "Show" such as "ShowToolbar". If you set the right ones to false, that will begin hiding the parameter and other areas from the control itself. Then you would create your own input boxes by using controls. When you click on a button to process the report, it depends on if you are using a local or sever report but assuming it's a server report, you'll set the parameters something like so (replacing values as necessary):

Dim rp As New List(Of Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ReportParameter)
                Dim param1 As New Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ReportParameter("@ParamenterName", "MyValueFromTextBox")

Check out this link for more info and samples on using the report viewer control.
I don't believe you can do much to modify what the top parameter section looks like in SSRS report viewer but what you can do is hide the default parameter section and make your own html interface that contains the textboxes for the parameters as well as the hyperlink back to the home page. Your interface would also have a button similar to "View Report" that when you click it, assigns all of the parameters of the report viewer control based on your textbox inputs and then refreshes the report.
tcmmaxtAuthor Commented:
thanks sounds great. I am new to srss and not sure how to hide default paramter section and then create the html interface? could you show me or help get started?
M3mph15Connect With a Mentor Commented:

I would just put almost lihe a header. Maybe with some sort of title and the hyperlink and then have the report viewer control below.

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