Groupbox w/ Bold setting issue

I like using a groupbox because it has a header text associated with it.  However, I want the header text to be bold but I don't want to automatically enable bold for all controls inside the groupbox.

The current one I just created has a datagridview, multiple labels and textboxes in it but it only automated the datagridview as bold.  When I modify the datagridview to remove the bold settings, the rebuild of the application sets it back to bold.

Very disturbing.  I would use a panel but then I have to create a separate label to accomodate the need for the header text.

Am I missing something where there is a setting that will disallow the bold setting for controls inside the groupbox ?

Phil Tate
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Because the purpose of the groupbox is to group a number of controls into one bundle to make it easy to process them, any changes applied to groupbox are inherited by the controls inside. These include the font, visible etc.
A custom control is created at the following link and might be useful for you.

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