How replace text with the contents of a variable

I can find and replace text using a macro but can't seem to figure out how to find text and replace it with the contents of a variable. I thought the following code would work but it doesn't. 'Plane' is the variable and 'Count' is a For-Next loop. So the first pass the replacement text would be the contents of Plane1, then Plane2, then Plane3 etc
.Replacement.Text = Plane & Count

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If you want to replace every occurrence of some text, then you don't need a VBA loop. You can just need to use something like this:

With ActiveDocument.Range.Find
      .Text = "Some Text"
      .Replacement.Text = Plane
      .Execute Replace:=wdReplaceAll
End With
agregsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Graham but that isn't what I need. Basically what is happening is this:

Find "[text" & Count & "]" (so on first loop this is [text1])
Insert contents of filename:="file" & Count & ".txt"
Then find [MoreText] and replace with the contents of Plane & Count (so on first loop this is Plane1)

This will then loop until the For-Next is finished.

Hope this makes sense.
Perhaps you need something like this:
Sub FindLoop()
Dim Count As Integer
Dim Limit As Integer
Dim rng As Range
Limit = 100
For Count = 1 To Limit
    Set rng = ActiveDocument.Range
    With rng.Find
        .Text = "[text" & Count & "]"
        If .Execute(Replace:=wdReplaceNone) Then
            rng.InsertFile "file" & Count & ".txt"
            rng.End = ActiveDocument.Range.End
            .Text = "More Text"
            .Replacement.Text = "Plane" & Count
            If .Execute(Replace:=wdReplaceOne) Then
                MsgBox """More Text"" not found after  ""[text" & Count & "]"""
                Exit Sub
            End If
            MsgBox """[text" & Count & "]"" not found"
            Exit Sub
        End If
    End With
Next Count
End Sub

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agregsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Graham but I think this is the line I'm having problems with

.Replacement.Text = "Plane" & Count

Everytime the code loops this will replace text with Plane1, Plane2 etc, but Plane1, Plane2 etc are variables that could contain anything e.g.
Plane1 = Monitor
Plane2 = Hair Cut
Plane3 = 5050

So I need to be able to replace the text with the contents of the variable and not the variable name. Hope this makes sense.
agregsonAuthor Commented:
Turns out I just had to create an array and use the following code

        .Replacement.Text = LinesVar(Count)

where Count is just the counter in a For-Next loop.

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