external domain with Plesk

I bought a dedicated server on "CompanyX" and they set up Plesk.
The domain I'm going to use was previously registered on another company. "CompanyOld"
Let's call the domain : domain01.com

I want my domain to be external in "CompanyOld".
I want the email accounts to be in "CompanyOld"

I created the domain on plesk and these are the DNS settings

domain01.com.      NS      ns57.companyOld.com.
domain01.com.      NS      ns58.companyOld.com.
domain01.com.      A      74.###.171.183
mail.domain01.com.      A      74.###.171.183
ns.domain01.com.      A      74.###.171.183
webmail.domain01.com.      A      74.###.171.183
ftp.domain01.com.      CNAME      domain01.com.
www.domain01.com.      CNAME      domain01.com.
domain01.com.      MX (10)      mail.domain01.com.
74.###.171.183 / 24      PTR        domain01.com.
domain01.com.      TXT         v=spf1 +a +mx -all

The IP address 74.###.171.183 is the one of the dedicated server.

The  IP address of the domain is 74.ddd.120.115

It's not working and I don't really know what to do.
Please help!!
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AdraenyseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
WHOIS on kristianranker.com shows

ns1.kristianranker.com @
ns2.kristianranker.com @

dig @ns1.kristianranker.com. www.kristianranker.com. A

Going to www.kristianranker.com in my browser leads to the proper website at that address.

I think what's happening on your end is your computer or your ISP simply has the old IP address cached in DNS and that's why you aren't seeing it. Your website is actually functioning fine on the new host.

You can try typing ipconfig /flushdns at a command prompt to clear your computer's DNS cache, then restart your browser. Otherwise, in a day or two, you should start seeing the website at it's new home.

I'll make a suggestion for your Plesk DNS zone though, I would make the following changes:

---> domain01.com.      NS      ns57.companyOld.com.
---> domain01.com.      NS      ns58.companyOld.com.

These NS records should actually be ns1.kristianranker.com and ns2 since that is what is in your WHOIS record. You don't want to reference the old company or you'll have the wrong glue.

---> ns.domain01.com.      A      74.###.171.183
 You can remove this record as it is fixed by the above record

---> domain01.com.      A      74.###.171.183
---> www.domain01.com.      CNAME      domain01.com.
---> mail.domain01.com.      A      74.###.171.183
---> webmail.domain01.com.      A      74.###.171.183
---> ftp.domain01.com.      CNAME      domain01.com.
---> domain01.com.      MX (10)      mail.domain01.com.
---> 74.###.171.183 / 24      PTR        domain01.com.
---> domain01.com.      TXT         v=spf1 +a +mx -all
These are all fine (assuming your SPF record is the way you actually want it)
If you can post the actual domain name, it would be a lot easier to help you troubleshoot as we could look it up.

What I think is happening here is you have not updated the name servers on the domain itself. You have a master zone record back at the old company, and you have a master zone record in plesk, that is trying to point back to the old company to use it's name servers. But your Plesk zone record is being ignored because the name servers are still pointing to "old company"

You want to update the name servers on your domain to point to your new dedicated machine and change the NS records on your Plesk zone record to match. That way you eliminate the zone records from the old company altogether.
licabalAuthor Commented:
I changed the NS records of the old company.
I put the NS of the new one.

It seems like  kristianranker.com is related to the new server.
But when I put www.kristianranker.com is still showing the old server.
licabalAuthor Commented:
I changed the ns records and Everything is working fine!!!

Thank You very much Adraenyse.
Your answers were really helpful.
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