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Strong from to : only if there is no period

The only problem with this is that it makes text bold even if there is . before a  :

If the : is after a . then I don't want it to be bold.

Test it and you will see the problem.

  $str = '
	This should be bold: this should not be bold
	<p>Intro text: this is a test.</p>  
	<p>Hello world: How are you?</p>   
	<p>This text should not be bold because there is no colon. Test 123.</p>   
	<p>This text should not be bold because there a period before the colon. Test: 123.</p>   
	<p>Foobar: Zooph.</p>';
        $str = preg_replace('/(^|<p>)([^:<]+):/ims', '\1<strong>\2:</strong>', $str); 
  echo $str;

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1 Solution
So try this code snippet. If you allways have . before a </p> you could also try the second line
$str = preg_replace('/(^|<p>)([^:<.]+):/ims', '\1<strong>\2:</strong>', $str); 
$str = preg_replace('/(^|<p>)([^:.]+):/ims', '\1<strong>\2:</strong>', $str); 

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