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Hi I need help, I want some information on windows 7 as i have to give a presentation next week. Information like difference between Windows 7 & Vista, XP, performance, backup method, recovery from system failure, new inbuilt applications and device drivers, NTFS version, boot process. What all extra points I can add so that I can make the presentation better and prove that Windows 7 is better than vista and others.

Thanks in advance :)

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kingshaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hey, there are a lot of difference between the 3 OS ( windows 7, Xp , and Vista)

IT really depends what you main focus is throughout the meeting, is there a bias as towards if you want to recommend  Windows 7 or what not.

Here is a comparison chart which you can probably fit in your presentation and go through each aspect individually. especially focusing on the "Management section":

and here is another link which distinguishes between the different version of Windows 7 and which one would be right for you :

hope it helps.

I have been running win7 for about 2 weeks on laptop with 4gb memory on separate partition. Driver issues were pretty much resolved by using vista drivers when 7 drivers not available. Seems to be faster than vista, more stable, better screen presentation. The quick launch bar approach has totally changed but after getting used to it, is better(with exception of no easy way of minimizing all screens. I plan on installing on Asus eee pc 1000 this week to evaluate performance there.  
As far as new features, here are a handful listed on Microsoft's Windows 7 site (

1.  Jump lists
2.  Improved taskbar
3.  Internet Explorer 8 - This is one of my favorites as IE8 includes better security (protection against click jacking and cross-site scripting protection)
4.  Homegroups
5.  Power management improvements
6.  Direct Access - Allows remote clients to establish connections into the corporate network and maintain access as if they were on the network.
7.  Branch Cache - Provides better performance for branch office workstations as data pulled from the headquarters LAN is cached in the branch office, so subsequent queries for the same data are pulled from the local LAN rather than the HQ LAN.
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Andres PeralesCommented:
Everything you are looking for should be here!
If you are a Microsoft Partner you should have gotten the rest of the Technical and Sales kits shipped to you, if not log on to the partner site.
tenaj-207Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In addition to gathering facts it's vital to install Win 7 on your computer so that you can speak from experience and give personal knowledge of the advantages of using windows 7.  It would also be useful if you could talk one or two other people to install Win 7 and test it as well.  Then you have real backing because all three of you found that it would increase productivity and ease of use (hopefully).

As far as an example power point with an overview of features and  base concepts Mark Minasi has one, it's a little old (2008), but it's still a good overview.
anikettamucheAuthor Commented:
I have already installed Windows 7 and there are many users using the release candidate. I will be giving presentation to users who are not familiar to this OS but are daily users of Vista and other Windows OS, there will be many questions raised to differentiate with other Windows OS (and non windows too).
anikettamucheAuthor Commented:
Thanks for ur help
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