The network is not present or not started error 1222

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Hello all,

I need some help here.

This morning nobody is able to connect to any of the drives in my win 2003 R2 server.

When I ping the server from workstations I get the message "destination host unreachable".

Then I check the services and found that the DNS server service is not running.  I tried to start it but it doesn't.

Any help would be enourmously appreciated,

Thanks in advance,

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check the services of server and workstation of the server

check the both services is running

server service
workstation service
when you ping the server, you mean you ping by server name or IP address?
If it's server name, and you mentioned DNS is not running. Is it the ONLY DNS server in your network?
And in the event viewer, any error related to not able to start DNS?


I ping by ip address.  It is the only dns server.  no related error in the event viewer.

I found that the router is not working and I have to replace it.

Do I have two problems here?  Router and DNS service not running.

Maybe DNS server service was not in use.......or should it be running....
it is a small network.

thanks for the replies,
If you ping by IP and cannot reach, then, yes, you have two problems.
You can issue an ipconfig /all command on a networked workstation, it should tell you which one in your network is DNS server. If it's the server, then you need bring up the DNS service.


Yes, there were two problems, but one causing the other is what i believe, because after plugging the new router, the DNS Server service started without problems.

Thanks flyingsky!!!

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