ASP.Net - BeginExecuteNonQuery Question

Hello all, I am going to test later running a SQL proc call so it runs asynch as the operation on the SQL side takes up to 30 minutes to complete and return.  I want to just call it and continue the code run on my web page.  I have pasted my code.  The PrepareCommand is just putting together the parameters I pass in a param array etc. so there is not need to post that with the code below I think.  My questions are:

- How will the EndAsyncOperation get called when it is done or do I need some more code like a while loop and thread sleep to handle the end of the call?  I don't want a loop again because I don't want to wait for it I think.  I put together examples I found but nothing was totally clear.

- I did not know how to close the connection so is it okay to have the connection.close where I have it?

- Do I need a command timeout at all due to it may take 30 minutes and I don't want to error at all.  I assume no if it is asynch it will be fine.

Thanks for any help.
public void AsynchBeginExecuteNonQuery(SqlConnection conn, CommandType commandType, string commandText, SqlParameter[] commandParameters)
                if (conn == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("connection");
                // open the connection here because of asynch
                SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(conn + "async=true;");
                // Create a command and prepare it for execution
                SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand();
                PrepareCommand(cmd, conn, (SqlTransaction)null, commandType, commandText, commandParameters);
                AsyncCallback callback = new AsyncCallback(EndAsyncOperation);
                cmd.BeginExecuteNonQuery(callback, cmd);
            catch (Exception e)
                csLog.LogMsg("\r\n\r\nDAController:AsynchBeginExecuteNonQuery( " + e.Source + "\r\n\r\n" + e.Message + "\r\n\r\n" + e.StackTrace);
        void EndAsyncOperation(IAsyncResult ar)
            SqlCommand cmdAsyn = (SqlCommand)ar.AsyncState;
            //End the asynchronous call

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The AsyncCallback object should handle calling the EndAsyncOperation method so you don't want to do any kind of loop until its done - that would defeat the object of doing the query asynchronusly.
I think you will definitely need to change the CommandTimeout property of the command object - the default is 30 seconds I belive, so unless you change this, it will timeout.
sbornstein2Author Commented:
but does the connection string append of asynch=true mean I don't have to do that?  I thought I read somewhere I don't have to worry about it but I am double checking here.  I guess I could add it as a fallback.
sbornstein2Author Commented:
i see actually the connection and command are completly different, so I will add that in as well.  Does the connection.close right after the Begin call going to be fine ya think?
Probably not - I would stick this line in the EndAsyncOperation method


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sbornstein2Author Commented:
thanks for the help.
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