How to recover information from a S.M.A.R.T. bad status disk?


I got a disk that during post event shows the following message:
"Pri Slave Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. status BAD, Backup and Replace"

The hard disk is 80gb capacity but after initiating windows I only can see  10gb available, I have tried using acronis in order to back it up but only stores an "empty" disk.

Would be possible to recover that information?

Thanks in advance.
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if you have a spare pc put that hard drive into the spare pc as a secondary drive / slave and load up windows and see if you can see the drive mapping. Or you can use a ide/sata to usb and plug it to a computer to see if the drive will appear
dimensionavAuthor Commented:
Before posting this message I did what you said, the BIOS detects the disk with correct capacity (80gb) but shows the error previously mentioned.

I have tried findandmount but didn´t work, would have been useful because there is an installed program that I want, anyway data recovery is getting lots of information.

Thanks guys.
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