Local Printer with drivers installed on a server?

I'm looking for the best of both worlds, I guess.  I would like to have printers that are not necessarily bound to a server, in other words, a local printer, but to have the ability to update drivers and settings for them from a server.

I don't want to lose the ability to print if the server goes down, which is why I'm leaning toward local TCP/IP ports and local style network printers, but is there a way to be able to update drivers on the remote client machines from a server without having to go to each machine and update drivers and settings?
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there is no built-in functionality in windows to do that to my knowledge. you could use a software distribution tool with wich you can package the driver.

Create a package:
1. Pre-Configure the hp driver with the HP preconfiguration tool (cf_ editor)

2. create a package to install a specific queue to an ip with the hp driver deployment tool

3. use software distribution to send/install to clients. More sophisticated software distribution solutions might also do step 2 for you.

Disable the users right to install drivers, distribute the driver for new install or update with the settings with distribution software or maybe user-defined startup scripts (i guess not every user needs the same queues), google will offer a wide range, one of the more commonly used is deskcenter netinstall.

What difference does it make if the driver is update from the server or the update website of the mfg? You're making this too hard. Set the server and the clients up to print directly to TCP/IP for the printer, setup the mfg's software to auotupdate, and then all will be in sync.

Raj-GTSystems EngineerCommented:
If you are using Server 2003 R2, you can use Print Management Console to manage print drivers and ports.

You could use a tool like drivermax for the updating. www.drivermax.com
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