We get login prompt when opening mails in OWA 2003 in Internet Explorer 8

Our OWA doesn't work properly in Internet Explorer 8.

I can login normal, but if I click to open an email or make a new it prompts for username and password again. Now I have to login with "domain\username" - at the first login I don't need the domain.

At least I only have to do it once - it works afterward (until next time), but our users don't understand this and it didn't do this before.

I just checked on another pc that it still works with Internet Explorer 7.

We run Microsoft Exchange 2003.
colliershvIT responcibleAsked:
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Sounds like the authentication settings aren't correct somewhere.
Start by resetting the virtual directories. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=883380

colliershvIT responcibleAuthor Commented:
A consultant solved the problem, but it was something about security. The checkboxes was set differently on default web page and the exchange folders. Once they where the same everything worked.

Seems IE7 is more forgiving than IE8.
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