VBA Move to first line of text file after EOF has been reached

I am opening a .txt file from Access VBA.  I need to read through each row and gather values (I can do this successfully). However, I then need to begin at the start of the file and read through it again.  I cannot determine how to make the procedure return to the beginning of the file.  I have attached my code below.  Thanks!
Public Sub ImportEDI(ctl As IRibbonControl)
'Get current user
gstrUser = WinUserName
Source_Path = "M:\m2mdata\data01\EDI\Acclimate\142 Documents"
Destn_Path = "M:\m2mdata\data01\EDI\Acclimate\142 Documents\Archive\"
Set fsoSysObj = New Scripting.FileSystemObject
Set fdrNew = fsoSysObj.GetFolder(Source_Path)
'Loop through Acclimate directory to process all pending files
For Each f In fdrNew.Files
SourceFile = Source_Path & "\" & f.Name
Open SourceFile For Input As #1 Len = 100
    'Determine Trading Partner Identification
    Do While Not EOF(1)
        Line Input #1, TextLine
        varFields = Split(TextLine, "~", -1, vbTextCompare)
        Select Case varFields(0)
            Case "ISA"
                strEDIID = Trim$(varFields(6))
            Case "GS"
                 strGroupID = Trim$(varFields(2))
        End Select
'This is where I need to move back to the first line of the input file
    'Call Procedure Based on ISA and Group ID
'DoCmd.Hourglass False
DoCmd.Echo True
End Sub

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mizveggieAuthor Commented:
that was perfect - wish i could have found it on my own!  thanks!
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