ESXi 4.0 upgrade from ESXi 3.5 u4 destroying the data inside the iSCSI SAN partition.

Hi All,

I've got 2x Dell PowerEdge 2950-III directly attached with Dell MD3000i iSCSI-SAN and today I had a hard times in upgrading my production ESXi 3.5 u 4 into ESXi 4.0,

First is that the upgrade is failed miserably after following this thread:;jsessionid=47217F9BCCA2DF1325DBE7A266D48A8D?tstart=0
with the following Error message: ERROR: Unsupported boot disk
The boot device layout on the host does not support upgrade.

therefore I did a clean reinstall of ESXi 4 on top of ESXi 3.5 u 4 and lost every single settings on my ESXi host.

I'm now stuck in mapping the iSCSI SAN partition after following the guide from:

see the following attachment.

I wonder how does people do their upgrade into ESXi 4.0 in production system that is running ESXi 3.5 u 4 filled with hundreds of VM ?

The reason why I'm using 2x ESXi server connected into single SAN server is that I can just start the VM on the SAN from the other ESXi --> which is fine and tested, but then when i rebuild the failed server, I must delete the whole data inside the shared partition which contains my VMs.

So in conclusion after one of the ESXi Server failed, the iSCSI mapping would eventually destroy every single data in the partition ?


any idea and suggestion would be gladly appreciated.
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vmwarun - ArunCommented:
This particular URL has incorporated videos that clearly explain the path to upgrade to vSphere 4.0 from ESX 3.5

Please take a look -
za_mkhIT ManagerCommented:
My personal experience trying to upgrade an ESXi 3 server to vsphere 4 was using the CD rom, the ESXi wanted to overwrite everything ... not good for me! There is no upgrade option!
So when I did the research, what I found is that the Host Upgrade tool that you can install with the vSphere4 client, is perfect for upgrading ESXi 3 hosts to 4 while retaining all settings. It's worked for me! All you need to do is download the ESXi 4 zip file on the Vmware download site for ESXi.
Hopefully that will solve your issue.

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jjozAuthor Commented:
Hi All,
Yes, I did that already guys, the file that i used is the 257 MB upgrade ZIP file, I've followed the instruction already but still it give me the following error message:
ERROR: Unsupported boot disk
The boot device layout on the host does not support upgrade

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vmwarun - ArunCommented:
za_mkh is talking about the vSphere Update Manager utility and not the 257MB Upgrade Zip File.

The Update Manager Utility will be available in your vCenter Server when you login using VI Client.
jjozAuthor Commented:
Yes, I'm using vCenter 4 to upgrade the ESXi 3.5 using that .zip file but somehow it failed.

anyway, I managed to perform the clean reinstall which wiped all of my settings and now I must faced the dreaded warning message :-(
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
JFI, What type of Hard Disks are you using at the Server ? SATA, SCSI or SAS ?
jjozAuthor Commented:
Local SATA 7200 rpm raid 5

SAN is using SAS 15 k rpm raid 5 as well.
jjozAuthor Commented:
thanks guys.
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