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hi guz

my question concern esx server, my network is pretty basic,

internet to esx server via modem-router connected to physical nic1 and then from physical nic2 to switch then to clients. now i'm managing the esx server through the modem-router, if i connect via switch i cant even ping the esx or the gateway (modem-router).

my question is how do i setup networking in esx so i can setup a vm as gateway, dhcp and nat server to the clients that are after the switch.
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ludo_friendConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi.. create an extra vswitch and attach the second nic to the new vswitch. I think you also need to add a vnetwork adapter to that switch also.
once this is done you can assign two nics to your guest, one to each switch.. then its business as normal
this can be done more simply if your  physical switch supports dot1q vlans and trunks
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:
jusbugAuthor Commented:
thanks for your answer, but that diagram doesn''t say much
jusbugAuthor Commented:

thanks m8 for the answer,

the exact way to do it very simple, you just need to create two vswitch and attch each physical nic to a vswitch, basically the networking layout would vswitch1 attached with nic1 and vswitch2 with nic2.
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