C# asp.net form view see variables posting

I have a form view using a stored procedure to do an update. I get the following error.

Procedure or function UpdateClientView has too many arguments specified.

Now I fully understand this error and what it is telling me, but I don't know how to view what the form is posting. I have compared my stored procedure to my form view and it looks like all the variables are the same. In classic ASP I would set the form action to get, and I could view what the form was posting on the querystring.I have added the code below to my code behind and I think this would work except it throws the exception. This form view is on a content page and uses a master. I just need to see what the form is posting so I can compare it to my stored procedure. Thanks!
foreach (string key in Request.Form.AllKeys)
            Label10.Text += key + " = " + Request.Form[key] + "<br />";

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stephentriceConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks but I solved this myself. I used SQL Profiler to view the input!
strickddConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can wire up the OnUpdating or OnInserting event and looping through the e.NewValues[] or e.Values[] respesctively.
stephentriceAuthor Commented:
Thanks strickdd. Do you know of a good online resourse I can research this on.
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