How do I code navigation drop-down to display properly in IE?

Can anyone help me code this properly? My biggest problem is the mainnav drop-down in IE. I've checked Safari and FF for Mac and PC. It's just this IE positioning giving me a problem. I'd prefer not to hack it, but anything to get it working at this point would be nice. The subnav is also displaying different than intended, but it's not a major problem. Also, the fonts are so much bigger in IE, I'm using ems, should I be using something else to get a more accurate font display?

Template here:

Thank you!
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Hi there,

It looks like you've got some poorly formed HTML here - the first UL tag (for the menu dropdown content) is not terminated!  I strongly recommend proper indentation of your HTML, which will make it easy for you to see where the unordered lists are going wrong.  Firefox and safari are famous for actually rendering invalid HTML while IE is a bit more strict.

Before I looked at your page I was assuming this was the typical positioning issues and you should be aware that select elements will NOT interact well with your menu system, below is my response for that issue which you will encounter if you use selects:

Well if you don't want to hack it I'd like to suggest either using a third party GUII library such as Flex.  Alternatively, you could design your own control which is something I've been wanting to do for years.  If you want to avoid this kind of solution, here are the "hacks" I find most dependable:

1.  The easiest (though maybe not practical) way to avoid positioning issues with SELECT elements in IE would be to simply make sure that select elements won't appear in areas where your menu will collide.

2.  Float your menu system drop down in an iFrame.

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Tony van SchaikFront-end Web developerCommented:
I create my menus always with Unordered lists on this website you can find a lot of CSS dropdown menus that works in every browser:
I'm using this in a menu in a Wordpress theme: it's a CSS framework with multiple menu themes. Works great
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