Moving Mailboxes and SCR Latency

We are currently using Exchange 2007 in a CCR cluster with an SCR node in a remote site.   I was monitoring replication traffic to the SCR node using get-mailboxcopystatus -standbymachine and saw the logfiles queuing up significantly as I moved mailbox after mailbox. The SCR is connected to our site with the Exchange CCR cluster by a single T1. Once I saw 7500 logfiles in the replay queue, I thought I should probably wait and let it catch up. I plan to split the largest store (440+ GB) into several smaller stores and wanted to know if I should be sure to keep a close eye on the replay queue or if this is something that will just back up and then gradually come across.
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High log generation when you move mailbox is to be expected. It needs to replicate the contents of the mailbox to the other database. If you look at your transaction logs, you will see the level of those being generated will also be high - same reason.

Nothing to be concerned about - unless the replay queue doesn't clear of course.


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edierksAuthor Commented:
Thanks Simon - great info to have!
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