Blocking Flash on a Sonicwall

What is the best way of blocking flash content on a Sonicwall 3060?
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ccomleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Security Services / Intrusion Prevention

Double click on Multimedia. It should open a window with a whole raft of sub-categories including
10 = Flash Video (FLV) Download 1
11 = Flash Video (FLV) Download 2
12 = Flash Video (FLV) Download 3

Open each one, clicking the "notepad" edit icon, and change "Prevention" from "Use Category Settings" to Enable.

Make sure the master enable switch is on for IDP is on, of course.

Note you can also tweak this control to work based on not just as a blanket.


I'm suprised a flash-based virus can get past the Gateway AntiVirus, check that is enabled and that it's toggled to scan inbound HTML traffic.

Depends which sonicwall. What model do you have, what version OS, and do you have any of the "extra" services enabled?

Flash is contained within web (HTTP) datastream so can't be blocked by port or IP address, unless you want to block then entire site.

So you need a Deep Packet Inspection tool. Basic "firewall" rules won't do it.

Are you trying to block it for everyone, or is this jsut a case of one user would rather not have it? One way to block flash for a person who doesn't want it, is to run Ad Block Pro on their browser. Since 99% of flash is in adverts, thats' what's wasting yoru CPU power and bandwidth when you're reading other pages. ABP just stopped all the advertising flash panels *dead* when I installed it. I can still see flash pages where they're "real" content tho. e.g. a moving diagram in an encylopedia page.

gonealAuthor Commented:
We have a mix of Sonicwall and features in our environment.  We just wanted to block it because we have had a few users get virus from visiting sites with flash.

Primary Sonicwall is a 3060 Enhanced Content Filtering, Gateway Antivirus and Antispyware.
gonealAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.
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