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I was hoping someone could tell me if it is possible to use 2 differnet backup software apps at the same time on 1 network! Our IT Support use commvault for all external backups and I was hoping to run a generic app for keeping local backups on a NAS on site.

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Sure..I just would not backup the same server at the same time
I am curious as to why you are not using CommVault to perform the NAS backup?

Having more than one application performing backups is not ideal as it defeats the purpose of a "centralised" backup application. As soon as you start putting different applications in you add more places to change configuration and more bandwidth usage on your network which is not what you want during your backup window.

Up to you though at the end of the day. But being a backup consultant I am obligated to advise against it.
PlanAndSimpleAuthor Commented:

Thanks for getting back. I purchase the NAS as additional storage to allow staff to store their photos and other non-work things on so as to get them off the network (would have preferred to delete them, but boss wanted them to keep the facilty). Commvault is used to backup our servers to a remote site which is controlled by a third party. I was looking into using the NAS as a local backup for 2 reasons, 1. maximise its usage and 2. Our IT support for the backup site are never to keen to restore deleted files and folders, which I can understand, but when my boss wants something restored she gets it restored so to save on the headaches I though about keeping local backups for those little tasks.

My main worry was that folders backed up locally would be missed in the all important remote backup, could this happen?

Thanks for you help!!
Why not configure a secondary copy in your file backup Storage Policy to point to the NAS storage? You can configure a Magnetic Library to be a file share (i.e. your NAS storage). That way you can have a copy offsite and a local copy as well for restores.

It is possible that the "other" backup application would reset the archive bit during incremental/differential backups and that this would screw up CommVault when it came to do the file scan and check the archive bits before backup.

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