Word has trouble working on a network file downloaded from the internet


 I can download Word files locally and work away without a problem, however when I work on the same file on a network share I get the following issue:-

 Word failed reading from this file (filename). Please restore the network connection or replace the floppy disk and retry.

2nd msg

There is an unrecoverable disk error on file (filename.doc)
the disk you're working on has a media problem that prevents word working on it.

Try the following:
*Try formatting another disk
*Save the document to another disk

This happens with different Word files on network shares, locally not a problem. I've done a detect and repair on Word, but no luck so far, had a look on google, but didn't find any answers.

Any ideas much appreciated.
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Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:

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dbhatoaAuthor Commented:
No luck on either, its not a file permission error as the user has write permissions to the directory, similar excel operations work, but word consistently fails

removing office 2003 for a re-install (sledge hammer)
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Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:

You could also try repairing the file in a couple of ways:

1.  At a blank document, go to Insert, File, and browse to the File.  Do a save as.
2.  File, Open, Recover Text from any Document.... but then there would be formatting that would probably have to be done.
dbhatoaAuthor Commented:
Office re-install fails, will now move to replacing PC, sigh...
Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:
Sorry to hear that.... keep us posted if you ever find out what it was.  Thanks for the points in any event...
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